Allen Bradley 1747-L552
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Allen Bradley 1747-L552

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AB 1747-L552 CPU Module.

  • 32k user memory
  • SLC-5/05 controller
  • Ethernet & RS-232 communication
  • Local analog I/O
  • Allen-Bradley 1747-L552 SLC 5/05 Controller, 32K, Ethernet & RS-232 Communication. User Memory, Max: 32K words total (28K words for data or prog., 4K words for data only); Number of I/O: 4096 in + 4096 out absolute maximum; Local Analog I/O, Max: 480; Program Scan Time/Kword: 0.9 ms (typ); I/O Scan Time: 0.225 ms (typ); No. of Local I/O Chassis, Max: 3; No. of I/O Module Slots in the Local I/O Chassis, Max: 30; Communication Ports : Ethernet & RS-232 (RS-232 port can also be configured for a DH-485 network); Backup Memory: Flash; Battery-backed RAM: Standard. Support communication speed of 100 Mbps over the Ethernet with Auto-Negotiation, support increased Ethernet connections (48 connections for 1747-L552) and provide HTTP server capability. 1747-L552 SLC 5/05 processors can be configured of up to 4096 inputs plus 4096 outputs and a memory of 32K words.

Technical specifications:

Part Number: 1747-L552
Series: SLC 500
Module Type: SLC 5/05 Processor
Inputs: 4096
Outputs: 4096
Analog I/O: 480
User Memory: 32,000 Words
Program Scan Time: 0.9 milliseconds
I/O Scan Time: 0.225 milliseconds
I/O Chassis: 3
Chassis Module Slots: 30
Communication: Ethernet, RS-232
Backup Memory: Flash
SLC 5/05 Connections: 48

Question: What type of communication does the 1747-L552 come with?

Answer: The 1747-L552 has communication options of Ethernet/IP and RS-232.

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