Allen Bradley 1756-L61 Controllogix Processor
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Allen Bradley 1756-L61 Controllogix Processor

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  • ControlLogix Processor
  • CPU module
  • 2 MB memory
  • 1.2 amp
  • 24 VDC
  • 1756-L61 Available User Memory: 2048 Kbytes; I/O Memory: 478 Kbytes; Optional Nonvolatile Memory: 64MB CompactFlash (1784-CF64), 128MB (1784-CF128); Digital I/O, max: 128,000; Analog I/O, max: 4,000; Total I/O, max: 128,000; Current draw: 1200mA @ 5V DC, 14 mA @ 24V DC; Controller tasks: 32 tasks, 100 programs/task, Event tasks: all event triggers; One RS-232 serial communication port. 
    Miscellaneous: The 1756-L61/B Logix 5561 controller can be inserted into any slot of a chassis. Multiple 1756-L61 controllers can be installed in the same chassis to communicate with each other across the backplane but operate independently. 1756-L61 controllers can communicate across RS-232-C (DF1/DH-485 protocol), DeviceNet, DH+, ControlNet, & EtherNet/IP networks. To provide communication for a ControlLogix 1756-L61 controller, an appropriate communication interface module must be installed in the chassis. 
Part Number: 1756-L61
Series: ControlLogix
Module Type: Processor Module
Fixed Memory: 2, 4, or 8 MB
Nonvolatile Memory: See Compact Flash Card 1784-CF64
Maximum I-O: 128,000
Maximum Analog I-O: 4,000 Input, 2,000 Output
Program Scan Time: 0.08 milliseconds
Backplane Current (5Volts DC): 1.2 Amps
Backplane Current (24 Volts DC): 14 milliamps
Weight: 0.71 pounds (0.32 kilograms)
Vibration: 10-500 Hertz
Relative Humidity: 5-95 percent
Battery: 1756-BA1 or 1756-BATM
Communication: RS-232 serial port


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