AB 2711-B5A8 Panelview 550 Monochrome Operator Interface Terminal
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Allen Bradley 2711-B5A8 Panelview 550 Terminal

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AB 2711B5A8 Panelview 550 Monochrome Operator Interface Terminal. 5.5 Inch display. DH+ Communication & RS-232 Printer Port. Keypad and Touchscreen. AC Power. 100-240VAC. .25-.15A. 50/60Hz. 

About 2711-B5A8

The obsolete 2711-B5A8 PanelView 550 is an old operator terminal that allows the user to interface with a variety of machines. This Panelview terminal provides a human-machine interface or HMI with a 5.5 in. monochrome LCD blue mode screen. The 2711-B5A8 HMI terminal allows the users to connect to the machines that it will interface with by using the PanelBuilder32 software and with its DH+ Communication Port and its RS-232 Printer Ports that allow the terminal to connect to another machine with 1 or more 2711-NC13 communication cables. The user is able to control the 2711-B5A8 unit by using its keypad and its touchscreen to input information and commands. The PanelBuilder32 is installed with an installation CD included with the terminal and this CD also contains information for setting up or troubleshooting the terminal.

The whole 2711-B5A8 operator terminal is powered using 120V AC power. The 2711-B5A8 unit has 170 KB of application runtime internal memory. This unit also has an internal backlight replacement part number of 2711-NL1. The 2711-B5A8 uses solid-state electronics to operate. Do not use it as an emergency stop mechanism or any other type of safety device. The approximate shipping weight and dimensions of the 2711-B5A8 PanelView 550 operator terminal are 6 pounds and 14 x 11 x 8 inches, respectively. The most common 2711-B5A8 terminal series are Series A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, and the most common firmware versions include versions 1.00 to 4.48.


Technical specifications:

Part Number: 2711-B5A8
Product Line: Panelview 550
Module Type: Panelview Operator Terminal
Display Size: 5.5 in.
Display Color: Monochrome LCD blue mode
Input Type: Keypad and Touchscreen
Communication: DH+ Communication and RS-232 Printer Port
Input Power: 120 VAC
Software: Panelbuilder 32
Backlight: 2711-NL1
Communication Cable: 2711-NC13
Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
Shipping Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 8 inches
Series: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H
Firmware: 1.00-4.48
Memory: 170 KB application runtime


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