HMI Displays

HMI Displays Article
By Aldo Frentanszye

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are a key part of any manufacturing automation system. HMI displays provide information to operators, interact with users, and are often critical components in complex systems.

HMI displays allow operators to control, monitor, and interact with control equipment, such as robots and machines. They can display vital system information in a form that is highly visible, accessible, and tailored to the system's users. They can be used to view errors, alarms, and operating system performance data and can even send signalls back to control equipment. HMI displays allow for quick information visualization, allowing for faster and more precise decisions than ever before. Additionally, they present all relevant information in a single view, enabling users to quickly identify problems and make adjustments.

Tek Supply understands the importance of HMI displays for automation systems and is a trusted partner for the repair and replacement of legacy components and complete displays.

Tek-Supply offers not only a variety of HMI displays for a variety of applications, but also provides custom engineering services for companies wishing to create a custom display solution. This includes development of custom display firmware, as well as customizing existing displays to meet the customer's specific needs. As part of its service, Tek-Supply provides in-depth consultation to ensure companies have the right solution to meet their specific requirements. Free technical support is also available. The website is

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