Yaskawa's Dynamic Duo: Two New Robots for Varied Automation Applications

Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics company Yaskawa Motoman announced the release of two new scalar robots in late December. The Motoman SG400 and SG650 are a pair of scalar robots designed for sorting, packing, assembly, transport, and inspecting small components.

Yaskawa notes that the pair of robots are particularly well suited for the 3C market, which includes products such as computers, electronic components, and home appliances. The payload and reach capacities of the bots are described as conducive to manufacturing in the medical, cosmetic, and food processing industries.

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Yaskawa's 2025 Plan

The beginning of a new decade arrives with major plans for the robotics company, which aims to create a new "revolution" in manufacturing through the use of a conceptual framework called i3-Mechatronics (AKA, i cube 3).

Perhaps the most ambitious goal in Yaskawa's 2025 vision is to enable zero-downtime production lines, which the industrial robotics firm says they will accomplish through the use of "digital data solutions" (Control.com). Such solutions will surely include utilization of Yaskawa's various robotics lines, which include general purpose (GP) bots, their HC series of cobots, and the MotoMINI line, which consists of bots small enough to be held by a human.

As we move through the new decade, only time will tell if Yaskawa Motoman's robotics technology will help manufacturers to fulfill the much longed-for goal of zero downtime.


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