5 Robotics Companies Making Waves in the Industrial Sector

Use of robotics is on the rise in every facet of modern life, and industrial automation is no exception, with the industrial robotics sector set to continue it's trend of exponential growth in 2020. At the forefront of the robotics revolution, the following five companies are innovating robot technology in manufacturing and industry:


NVIDIA is primarily focused on the development of chips that will serve as the brains of the next generation of robots. NVIDIA's most recent offering is the Jetson AGX Xavier Module, an energy efficient AI computer consisting of 9 billion transistors. Aided by six high-performance processing units, this technology will allow robots to achieve consistent learning and interaction with the world around them.

2. Boston Dynamics

Since 1992, Boston Dynamics has been innovating the robotics industry, and is expected to launch commercial robots in 2020. While Boston Dynamics has showcased one robot from their product line, SpotMini, in a construction site inspection application, the robot will soon be launched for a variety of other commercial applications.

3. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Robotics focuses exclusively on industrial robots, making it an important company to follow in 2020 for robotics applications in the industrial sector. Mitsubishi Robotics seeks to automate and streamline processes such as assembling, dispensing, packaging and material handling through the use of robotics.


UBTECH's offerings center on humanoid robotics. After raising $1 billion in capital, It UBTECH unveiled a walking bipedal robot in 2018, which has since been developed into a fully humanoid robot as of this year. UBTECH's artifical intelligence will aid the robot in accomplishing tasks in the home environment as well as in business. The company is expected to showcase the robot's real-world applications in 2020.

5. Universal Robots

In the past ten years, Universal Robots has sold over 25,000 cobots, or collaborative robots. The company is expected to unveil it's next generation industrial automation cobots later this year, making this company another important player to keep an eye on.


While there are many competitors in the industrial automation robotics sector, these five companies are consistently producing the innovative technologies that ensure they will continue to revolutionize the industry as we reach the dawn of a new decade.

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