ABB Expands Offerings with PC-Controlled Motion Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Providing a new addition to its RobotStudio, ABB is offering users increased efficency in remote robot motion control.

ABB's offline programming and simulation software, RobotStudio, can now control SCARA robot motion directly from your PC.

SCARA Robots

The IRB 910SC is ABB's single-arm robot, which is ideally used in small parts assembly, inspection and materials handling, and operates within a combined footprint. The SCARA robot is a high speed bot available in three different configurations, including IRB 910SC –3/0.45, IRB 910SC – 3/0.55m, and IRB 910SC – 3/0.65.

This bot can be mounted on a table top and integrates easily into existing systems. IRB 910SC offers custom interfaces, modular design, in addition to its high performance motion control. The SCARA robot comes with three different arm lengths to suit varied customer needs.

The ceiling mounted IRB 910INV bot offers two reach options and payload models, and is powered by ABB's OmniCore controller.

The IRB 910INV's ceiling-mounted design allows for effective use of confined space, aiding manufacturers in increasing efficiency and boosting production. This bot provides repeatable point-to-point accuracy during pick-and-place tasks, testing, and assembly, and like the IRB 910SC is similarly adapted for use in small parts assembly and quality control applications.


ABB's SCARA line of robots allows manufacturers to enables customers to achieve high precision and high reliability in a variety of applications ranging from assembly and general-purpose tray kitting, to component placement, palletizing, and depalletizing.


By allowing users to create and tests robot installation in a 3d virtual environment, RobotStudio enables customers to avoid disturbing their production lines while navigating the challenges of robot installation. For those manufacturers who wish to reduce their product life cycle and enhance customization, this software may be especially useful, as production line speed can be safely and quickly altered without unnecessary mistakes during commissioning.

The Robot Control Mate add-on further improves user experiences, by enabling manufacturers to teach, jog and calibrate robots from their personal computers. This new function will be initialized using the ceiling mounted IRB 910INV robot, after which ABB plans to expand it's use to other bots in the SCARA family.


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