New PLC Compatible Realtime Controller from Realtime Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Realtime Robotics, Inc. (RTR) is enhancing real-time motion planning for autonomous vehicles and industrial robots, with recent developments by the company incorporating smart behavior into autonomous vehicles using their dedicated Lightening technology.

Lightening enables AV stack partners to envision a multitude of possible scenarios as autonomous vehicles move through space. Using this tech, efficient and safe motion plans can be created to anticipate a variety of different scenarios.

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RTR has also created a robot automation platform, which allows single and multiple robots to safely operate in uncaged and unstructured while moving at full speed. Realtime Robotics recently declared the launch of the Realtime Controller, which directly connects directly to customers PLCs. This allows for collision free motion, as well as autonomous calculation and communication. Using interference zone free multi robot work cells, as well as automated interlocks, the Realtime Controller allows customers to significantly lower their cycle and deployment time.

Using advanced semiconductor technology and proprietary algorithms, the Realtime Controller allows for accelerated motion planning, operating 1000x more quickly than conventional approaches that use high-end graphics processing units. Using the controller, robots can be rapidly and efficiently deployed, allowing customers to expand use of robotics into areas that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

RTR's new controller operates in tandem with the company's Software/Web interface,which is part of their RapidPlan Solution. By utilizing a user-friendly visualization toolkit, the robot and sensor agnostic technology creates a map of potential motions for the robot, it's payloads, and it's end effector, which allows the bot to maneuver autonomously to avoid both dynamic and static obstacles.



By combining the API and software toolkit, RTR's new offering allows for simple integration with robot controllers and PLCs, as well as simulations software, picking systems, and a variety of other task planning solutions. Companies can configure and monitor robot work cells with RTR's easy to use, web based interface.

RTR's motion planning also enables solutions for immediate, autonomous fault recovery for robot work cells. In the event that operators wish to alter the robot program, changes can be implemented online within minutes, saving downtime and programming costs.

Realtime's new RapidPlan solution and Realtime Controller offers customers simple, user-friendly planning, programming, flexibility, and support for multiple bots.  Applicable to structured environments as well as unstructured, RTR's new technology can be used to compute robotic motion on the fly in changing environments. The new controller will be available commercially in Europe, Japan, China, and North America. 

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