Omron releases mobile autonomous robot

Omron's new HD-1500 autonomous mobile bot


Omron has launched a new addition to their robotics portfolio. Expanding the company's options for autonomous transport, the HD-1500 is capable of transporting objects weighing up to 1500kg. The new robot is designed to fill manufacturers' need for the automation of materials handling processes. The social distancing behaviors necessitated by the COVID-19 epidemic further highlights the need to automate processes that would previously have been accomplished manually, an issue that the HD-1500 is poised to address.



Mobile robots like Omron's new offering can aid manufacturers in maintaining speed and flexibility in the midst of challenging and unpredictable circumstances. By calculating the best path for navigating industrial environments safely, autonomous robots can successfully avoid people and obstacles without the use of guides such as magnetic floor tape. The bots also help ensure safety for human workers by handling tasks that would otherwise require the use of forklifts, a major source of industrial accidents. Featuring accuracy improvements to the Cell Alignment Positioning System, Omron notes that the HD-1500 provides 360 degree safety coverage.

With the ability to control up to 100 mobile robots of varying payloads, sizes and configurations, Omron's Fleet Manager software enables customers to use the new HD-1500 along with the company's LD-250, LD-60, and LD-90 robots. With it's impressive payload capcity, Omron's new bot is particularly well suited for industries where bulky objects like voluminous pallets and car chassis need to be transported. The new robot also features a user-accessible onboard Omron PLC.

For more information about the Omron HD-1500, check out the video below:

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