Robotic Picking Technology Improves Supply Chain at GAP

Industrial Robotics

By implementing Kindred's "Sort" industrial robotics system, retail giant Gap says it has improved its supply chain output.

Using robotic arms manufactured by Fanuc, Gap is using AI and robotics "to solve complex fulfillment problems" in light of the surge in online commerce and the workforce disruption created by COVID-19. 

The company first installed the robotic picking system in 2017, hoping to speed up merchandise picking within its facilities. Between January and April of 2020, the system, which is AI-enabled, picked over 13 mil units at an average speed of 335 unites per hour. The system accomplished this feat while maintaining 99.8 percent uptime.

In it's US distribution centers, Gap has purchased 73 additional Sort bots, bringing its total fleet to 106. Once the new robots are installed, the company's robot platform will be paired with all automated sortation systems in the Gap distribution network.



“Kindred’s modularity, price-per-pick and quick implementation model help retailers big and small embrace robotic automation," says Kindred COO Marin Tchakarov. According to Kindred, Sort features "human-like capabilities" that allow the system to separate batches into individual orders. Combining grasping, manipulation, and vision, Kindred robots are able to perform quick and accurate picking tasks.

Learn more about Sort at GAP distribution centers:

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