Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence Brings Education and Careers to the Industry

Now officially open in San Jose, California,  the first ever Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Center of Excellence will collaborate with Automation Anywhere and PeopleShores, to bring education and hundreds of automation industry job opportunities to the Mississippi Delta. By retraining and upskilling workers, RPA is poised to provide unique benefits to the region.

At the RPA Center of Excellence inauguration ceremony, held in late February, automation industry leaders outlined their plan for the hundreds in attendance, including local and regional leaders.

Representatives of Automation Anywhere and PeopleShores describes the new RPA Center as a design, research, and development hub that they expect to generate hundreds of automation jobs related to robotic process applications. Their new partnership will combine one of the most widely used RPA software platforms, Automation Anywhere, with the impact sourcing skills of PeopleShores. Associates with PeopleShores are trained via Automation Anywhere University (AAU), which has already certified over 90,000 people from around the globe, and is expected to train hundreds more in the Mississippi Delta region.

In order to allow employees to work on strategic tasks that necessitate a skilled human worker, Automation Anywhere focuses on machine learning, analytics and AI to automate various processes. The company views their area of focus as enabling more time to improve productivity and speed up the rate of digital transformation.

PeopleShores will work with the RPA Center to provide jobs in cities struggling to keep their citizens employed, by scouting locals from underprivileged backgrounds who aspire to skilled labor. The RPA center will train them in engineering and technical skills, which will enable these workers to provide the technological services needed by today’s large corporations. Through the RPA center’s education programs, engineers in the field can learn about and work in different segments of the industry, including areas such as packaging to robotics. Through the PeopleShores and RPA center collaboration, employees will undergo paid training and then take on full time work with benefits such as paid leave and health insurance.

The fact that these outstanding companies chose Clarksdale, in the Mississippi Delta, is a testament to their belief in our labor force,” said Jon Levingston, executive director of the Economic Development Authority of Coahoma County.

By providing educational programs for automation engineering as well as full time careers with benefits, the RPA Center of Excellence is leading the way in skilled labor force development and job creation in the industrial automation sector.

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