SAP and Siemens Join Forces to Transform Industrial Automation

With years of experience in their fields, the two companies are working to combine tech with business to provide more value for customers than ever before. By working together, Siemens and SAP hope to eliminate silos in information and process, assist manufacturers in digitalizing, and create software solutions for end to end manufacturing.

A leader in digitalization and automation, Siemens Digital Industries offers products and services that allow customers to digitalize their value chain from end to end. The company plans to offer SAP Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Portfolio and Project Management software as part of this collaboration, providing manufacturers an integrated method for increasing value.

As forerunners in the area of enterprise application software, SAP's products assist companies of every size in doing business more efficiently. Machine learning, advanced analytics and IIoT are just a few of the technologies that make SAP so succesful - up to 77% of the world’s revenue runs through a SAP product. Through their collaboration with Siemens, SAP's products will allow customers to drastically improve the efficiency of their management and business systems, with Siemens’ Teamcenter software forming the heart of the product lifecycle collaboration.

Additionally, the SAP-Siemens partnership creates possibilities for a true digital thread that can do away with information silos between departments, and allow operators and manufacturers to manage assets and function collaboratively. Because these silos lead different sectors of a company to utilize outdated info or lack awareness of new developments in process or products, they can often reduce efficiency and create costly time loss. Siemens and SAP’s new package eliminated most silos within the company by increasing efficiency in communication and asset management. By allowing manufacturers to make quick alterations to product development and specifications, the SAP and Siemens collaboration will provide customers with advantages leading to cost savings as well as improvements to their processes.

As industry 4.0 approaches, companies that fail to integrate innovative technologies that assist in product development, asset analyzing, and efficient communication, are poised to be at a disadvantage. The collaborative efforts of Siemens and SAP promises to provide companies with the communication and analysis tools they need to to keep up with the pace of modern manufacturing.

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