Amazon Web Services and Element Analytics Create Tools for Industrial Plant Data Management

Element Analytics offers customers an API integration with Amazon Web Services AWS IoT SiteWise to help centralize and manage industrial plant data.

Element Analytics Inc. is an industrial analytics software company that helps organizations to transform their data.


Element Bridges IT/OT Gap

The company focuses on aligning IT and OT (operational technology) around contextualized metadata to help create smarter digitally-enabled operations. 

Recently, Element announced a new API (application programming interface) integration between its flagship solution, Element Unify, and a managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS IoT SiteWise


Element Unify

Element Unify promises to align and scale OT/IT operational data to benefit from insightful enterprise-wide analytics, contributing to improved core business performance. This can include security, safety, reliability, cost, and asset flexibility. 


A graphic showing the collaboration between these two IIoT technologies. Image used courtesy of Element


The Element Unify software solution allows IT teams to work together with their OT partners to push forward key business and operational decisions based on metadata. Unify allows OT teams to use and build upon previous work. They can extract desired analytics without the need to reinvent models. 

This may save time and provide a more contextualized view of assets and corresponding metadata informing the manufacturing process.


A diagram showing the key aspects of Element Unify. Image used courtesy of Element


Features of Element Unify include no-code automated data pipelines to help improve the ease of metadata ingestion from OT/IT systems, spreadsheets, and P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) systems. 

The platforms allow users to combine data to provide greater context and generate the right model required to consume raw data via analytical tools. Element Unify users can manage data models, semantics, and lineage. 

A data governance engine is also offered to safeguard the integrity of industrial metadata across the enterprise. Element Unify is ISO 27001 certified, which is a standard for information security. 


API Integration with AWS IoT SiteWise

By integrating with AWS IoT SiteWise, Element Unify customers can funnel data directly into AWS services such as AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon S3 data lake. Plant data-model integration and metadata management can be centralized. 

Metadata from IT/OT repositories can be managed in single-site, multi-site, and multi-instance deployments. Data models can then be deployed to AWS IoT SiteWise. 

In a recent news release, the CEO of Element, Andy Bane, commented, “Operations data must be easy to use and understand in both the plant and in the boardroom. Industrial organizations who transform their plant data into context data for use in AWS IoT SiteWise, and other AWS services, will drive greater operational insights and achieve breakthrough business outcomes.”


A diagram showing the role of AWS Iot SiteWise in industrial facilities. Image used courtesy of AWS


Customers can import their data into AWS IoT SiteWise with Inductive Automation Ignition and PTC KEPServerEX to generate context data. 

Brownfield and greenfield facilities that use AWS IoT SiteWise asset models and asset hierarchies can be up-to-date with Element Unify models. These models may allow facilities to adapt to changes in the underlying data. These are just some of the capabilities that Element’s API integration allows. 

With the two solutions, customers can make the most of their industrial data, reduce data silos within and across OT and IT, and push forward business transformation with added productivity. 

AWS IoT SiteWise customers can access the Element Unify and AWS IoTSiteWise integration in AWS Marketplace.


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