XPOLogistics Renews Partnership With MIT Industrial Liaison Program on Supply Chain Innovation

XPOLogistics teams up with MIT to drive forward the development of transportation and logistics solutions.

XPOLogistics, Inc. provides transportation and logistics solutions for supply chains of global companies and industry leaders.


XPO Logistics Bringing Supply Chain Solutions

XPO provides contract logistics for a range of B2B and B2C goods, including consumer electronics, chemicals, food and beverages, consumer packaged goods, aerospace parts, medical equipment, and more. 

XPO’s transportation solutions involve digital expertise to deliver goods most efficiently and safely possible. The company’s transportation solutions cover everything from shipping, home delivery of heavy goods, door-to-door container transfer by rail and dray, full truckload services. 

The staff of XPOLogistics. Image courtesy of XPOLogistics


Recently, XPO announced the renewal of its partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). The ILP will serve as a corridor between XPO and MIT, aiding the exchange in their respective expertise to foster technological development of new transportation and logistics solutions.


Benefits of the XPO-MIT ILP Partnership

With MIT’s extensive research and development background coupled with XPO’s leading transport and logistics solutions, the pair under the ILP will benefit in a few key ways. 

MIT will provide XPO with access to its brightest academic minds for internship opportunities and job recruitment. Individuals will be selected for specific roles, provided they meet XPO’s primary priorities of achieving excellent customer service, intelligent technology, and productivity. 

The ILPs Start-Up Exchange boasts a network of over 1,800 MIT technology companies that are actively developing and innovating in the areas of nanotechnology, process efficiency, communications, and other areas. 


XPO-MIT ILP Partnership graphic. Image courtesy of XPOLogistics.


This will put XPO in touch with the latest and most advanced technologies and solutions that may significantly impact supply chains. XPO’s collaboration with MIT will allow them to track the progress of developing technologies that may solve current and future transportation and logistics challenges. 


Impacting Supply Chains

Mario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics, gave his insight on the beginnings of the partnership with MIT ILP in a recent news release.

“Our first 12 months with the Industrial Liaison Program exceeded our expectations for the give and take of insights into transformative technologies. We’re excited to explore a new wave of advances for our customers through our continued work with the pioneering thinkers of the MIT ILP.”

The MIT ILP is a portal into MIT and beyond through its multitude of academic, R&D, business connections. The parent organization of ILP, MIT Corporate Relations, can be considered the epicenter of MIT’s network, linking its faculty, labs, departments, and centers. 

Scientific discovery and industrial applications have been at the heart of MIT since 1861. The organization has pioneered breakthrough technologies and solutions in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, space exploration, energy, and more. 

The latest collaboration between XPO and MIT is expected to bring new technology to specific industries, including omnichannel and e-commerce, agribusiness, chemical, industrial, and more.

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