READY Robotics Aims to Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing and Automation

This new up-training program launched in October of 2020 and promises to close the knowledge and skills gap related to manufacturing automation.

READY Academy is offering the chance for engineers to be uptrained through its curriculum of online interactive videos to implement automated solutions using Forge/OS and Task Canvas. 

Who is READY Robotics?

READY Robotics, which traces its origins to robotics research at Johns Hopkins University, was founded in 2016. Forge/OS, the first enterprise-grade operating system and programming interface across robotic brands, was the creation of READY Robotics and has since served as the foundation for other enterprise-grade robotics software to make the deployment of industrial automation easier


Through a curriculum of interactive video content, READY Academy teaches skills for users to design, deploy, manage, and scale automated solutions. Image courtesy of READY Robotics.


On October 15, 2020, READY Robotics announced the launch of READY Academy, an online educational platform that enables users to learn design, management, and automation so more manufacturers can move into Industry 4.0.


READY Academy

This online educational portal provides training to address the widespread knowledge gap related to automation. 

This relates to the gap in skills that prevents many facilities from implementing the automation solutions they need to remain competitive and cutting-edge. It allows any type of engineer to be uptrained in the deployment and reconfiguration of industrial robotic solutions. 

READY Academy offers 40 hours of content based on READY’s own four years of experience in helping manufacturers deploy automation and on a carefully designed curriculum developed by Dr. Kel Guerin and Dr. Jake Huckaby, both specialists in robotics. The course content includes the following and more:


  • Project assessment
  • Robot safety
  • End-of-arm tooling
  • Parts presentation
  • No-code robot programming
  • Building machine tending tasks


Upon completing the curriculum, students will be able to implement new automation efforts or modify existing ones even when multiple robotic arm brands are involved.


READY Academy Operating Systems and Programming

One of the distinctive features of the READY Academy is its use of Forge/OS and Task Canvas. Forge/OS serves as a common operating system and programming interface that is compatible with the majority of robot arms today. 


Task Canvas aims to save engineers programming time, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of an automation system. Image courtesy of READY Robotics


Task Canvas is a no-code, drag-and-drop flowchart programming interface that supports even the most complex of automation tasks. 

According to READY, in the time it takes to write a program to achieve simple movements in the robot’s native language a user can learn how to achieve lights-out automation. It takes a little over two hours to learn to develop programs in Forge/OS and Task Canvas.

READY Academy has been tested at a Haas Technical Education Center (eKAMI) with very promising results: in just 2.5 weeks, a class of 15 former coal miners successfully learned how to design and deploy lights out robotic automation. For those interested, READY Robotics and MFG Works are hosting a live virtual Q&A at 1 pm (Eastern) Thursday, October 29 hosted by the COO of READY Robotics Luke Tuttle and curriculum developers Drs. Guerin and Huckaby.


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