Schneider Releases EcoStruxure Plant Advisor Built with an Industrial Data Processing Platform

Schneider’s release of the new EcoStruxure plant advisor aims to help companies expand capabilities and improve efficiency in the industrial sector.

This management tool intends to reduce costs and centralize data logging for companies to mitigate pressure from demand. 

A graphic of the EcoStruxure platform. Screenshot courtesy of Schneider Electric. 


This tool is designed to keep plants up and running longer with preventative maintenance prediction, business insights, live data, and increased asset performance. 


EcoStruxure’s Capabilities

The management tool includes three main features. The first feature is a hybrid edge/cloud connectivity. This feature enables data source lifecycle management in an industrial data model. 

The second part of this resource is an industrial data processing platform with multisite analysis. This feature enables a remote centralized hub to manage and monitor multiple plant’s key performance indication and analytics. 

The last part of the EcoStruxure is the App builder and industry-specific offers. This enables customizable control of the plant. Integrated applications in low code/ no-code environments are utilized to meet specified business demands. 

Schneider also mentioned that deploying the EcoStruxture platform on a global scale has been a challenge. Still, the company is working with smart factory teams to optimize operations both locally and globally. 

The company claims that some of the main benefits of utilizing EcoStruxure are a 15% reduction in unplanned downtime, a 30% reduction in maintenance costs, an 8% reduction in energy costs, and more. 


A graphic of the EcoStruxure platform. Image courtesy of Schneider Electric. 


The company believes that by taking advantage of these benefits, they can change the global economy. In developing this platform, Schneider hopes to advance the digital age and give industries the confidence to keep up with the standards. 

This solution will provide companies a way to contextualize data and information. This is especially timely now that most industries are using smart solutions. 


Accelerating Modernization

Any industry that utilizes digital tools and relies on IIoT technology can use the EcoStruxure platform. 

“The EcoStruxure Plant Advisor suite provides industrial operations with the real-time visibility needed to understand the intricacies of operations that enables this agility,” said Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group.

Sustainability today covers not only green alternatives but also practical solutions that will sustain product development or output. 


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